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Wilson battles big-spender Heinrich in New Mexico

Posted: August 17, 2012 at 2:45 pm   /   by

Conservative PAC American Future Fund released an ad this week highlighting the big spending record of Martin Heinrich as Congressman for New Mexico.  The ad, titled “Frustrating,” points out that as a supporter of President Obama and his failed $800 billion dollar stimulus package, Heinrich went against his promises to voters that he would focus on jobs and help the economy.

Heinrich is battling for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D) and finds himself in a hotly contested race with former Republican Rep. Heather Wilson.  The race has seen hard-hitting ads aimed at both candidates and has become one of the most expensive Senate races in the country, with Heinrich and Wilson combining to raise over $8 million dollars to date.

Beyond the stimulus package, which funded failed projects like Solyndra, Heinrich also voted in favor of Obama’s health care bill which will strap voters with trillions in new costs.  He recently called for the DREAM act to be added the Democratic National Committee’s official platform, a bill which some estimates say will cost taxpayers up to $6.2 billion dollars annually. Republicans argue that Heinrich’s call for adoption of the DREAM act is not only further evidence of his big-spending tendencies, but also a shameless appeal to Hispanic voters in the state.

With the stimulus package costing New Mexico taxpayers over a million dollars for every three jobs “saved or created” and unemployment rates rising 14% since Heinrich took office, it is clear to see why ads are focusing on the Congressman’s spending and jobs record. With nearly three months to go until election day the ads are sure to continue, and with $8 million dollars in backing they will become more and more frequent.

See the ad for yourself:


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Wilson battles big-spender Heinrich in New Mexico