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Doug Ducey Against Tax Hikes

Posted: August 17, 2012 at 10:15 am   /   by

A judge recently upheld an initiative filed with the Arizona Secretary of States’ office extending a sales tax increase permanently. Secretary of State Ken Bennett filed a lawsuit against the initiative based on a technicality. The judge did not feel the technicality warranted removal from the ballot.

In 2010, state lawmakers sought to balance the budget by increasing government revenue. At the time, with the economy struggling, bloated budgets had made Governor Jan Brewer desperate to balance Arizona’s budget. Much like other times in history when government revenues increased through taxation, the government cannot get over spending more and more taxpayers’ money. The case is no different here.

The Quality Education and Jobs Act will be on the Arizona ballot this general election. Thankfully, an opposing force has emerged to fight the permanent extension of the once temporary tax increase. State Treasurer Doug Ducey started the No New Taxes, No on Prop. 204 campaign. “Prop 204 is genuinely bad policy. It makes a permanent, billion-dollar-a-year spending commitment; it provides for no oversight as to how the money is spent; and it makes no reforms that actually improve accountability or the quality of education. Prop 204 amounts to just throwing money at a problem and hoping that somehow, magically, things will just get better,” said Ducey.

Taxpayers were sold a similar sob story in 2010; the money is for the children. Ducey goes on, “It is the exact type of government spending that put Arizona’s budget in turmoil just a few years ago. We have to learn from the mistakes in our past, and we would be foolish to repeat them so quickly after our last experience.” With the lack of oversight, just like in 2010, money meant for the “children” will get spent however lawmakers see fit to spend it.

Doug Ducey understands that Arizona does not have a tax revenue problem. Arizona has a tax-spending problem. He wants to make sure Arizona has its fiscal house in order, instead of requiring money on the backs of business owners and citizens.

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Doug Ducey Against Tax Hikes