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“Paul Ryan shirtless” second most popular Google search for VP candidate

Posted: August 16, 2012 at 1:26 pm   /   by

According to the masterminds at Google, “Paul Ryan + shirtless” is the second most popular Google search for the Republican VP candidate.  Since Romney chose the fiscally conservative budget engineer to run for the White House with him, there have been numerous pieces published even at the New York Times and POLITICO discussing Ryan’s workout habits and overall good looks.

Paul Ryan has several highly physical hobbies, including doing the P90X workout, hunting, and fishing.  He’s known to be very diligent in his workout habits, leading a bipartisan team to fitness in the Congressional Gym.  It’s not hard to see the appeal of shirtless photos of Paul Ryan.  There don’t appear to be any out there, but TMZ was able to locate a shot of him showing off his guns.  There are also not any photos of Paul Ryan driving the Wienermobile, a job he held during his college years.

Luckily, the brilliant Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan tumblr has 13 pages of images of the Congressman for us to marvel at.  A small sampling:

Paul Ryan supports the right to bare arms!  Photo with Tony Horton, the P90X dude, courtesy TMZ:

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"Paul Ryan shirtless" second most popular Google search for VP candidate