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Steve Berman adds to Arizona political theater

Posted: August 15, 2012 at 11:15 am   /   by

There are a lot of colorful politicians in Arizona.  Even among a group that includes Joe Arpaio and Jan Brewer, though, Steve Berman stands out.

In an interview with the Phoenix New Times in 2003, he injected race into a joke about a violent gang:

NT: The Human Relations Commission is not the PC Police.

Berman: We’ve had some issues in Gilbert. We’re known for our legendary white supremacist gang, the Devil Dogs. Like most gang members, they never did get the rules about how to be a white supremacist gang straight, because one of their members was black, and all they ever beat up was white people. One guy they beat up was Mormon!

As one might expect, these comments were not well received.

Former Mayor Berman once crtiqued the architectural standards in Apache Junction.  He also described an opponent as “an unethical flea”.  

“He should have said during the primary election that he was running to pull votes away from me to help someone else get elected,” Berman said. “He bastardized the electoral process. Lewis comes into office under a cloud with the question of what would have happened if we had had a real election.”

Everyone has said things at some point in their lives that they wish they could take back. Arguably, some of us have said more than others, and in politics, that can be more of a liability. As of this writing, Sheriff Joe no longer supports Steve Berman.

Hannah Thoreson

Hannah Thoreson is a science and technology writer based in northern Virginia. She earned a physics degree from Arizona State University in 2012 and has been causing trouble ever since.

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Steve Berman adds to Arizona political theater