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Kirkpatrick’s Cuts to Medicare Now Over $700B

Posted: August 15, 2012 at 4:30 pm   /   by

Release from Paton for Congress:

Kirkpatrick Gutted Medicare to Pay for ObamaCare And We’re Still Suffering the Consequences

Ann Kirkpatrick’s cuts to Medicare are now over $700 billion.

Ann Kirkpatrick tried her best to hide her cuts to Medicare to pay for ObamaCare, but new estimates from the Congressional Budget Office indicate that ObamaCare’s Medicare cuts are now nearly 50 percent higher over the most recent budget window, highlighting how Kirkpatrick’s policies continue to put Arizona seniors at risk.

A report released by the CBO finds that ObamaCare will cut Medicare by $741 billion over the next decade – 50 percent more than the $500 billion in a previous score. In Arizona, more than 900,000 seniors rely on Medicare, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Republican Jonathan Paton has pledged to preserve and protect Medicare, and not impact benefits for current Medicare recipients. Kirkpatrick voted to cut Medicare and put a panel of unelected bureaucrats between seniors and their doctors.

“Ann Kirkpatrick voted to cut $740 billion from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare,” said Paton. “I promise to preserve and protect Medicare, and that starts with repealing Kirkpatrick’s prized ObamaCare. Kirkpatrick’s plan for Medicare is bankruptcy. I pledge to protect our promise to seniors.”

To read the full report:

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Kirkpatrick’s Cuts to Medicare Now Over $700B