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Palin endorsement could be key in district 5 race

Posted: August 14, 2012 at 3:45 pm   /   by

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is notorious for stepping into competitive primary battles and endorsing candidates.  It’s often something that can change the outcome of a close race.

From WSJ:

After fading to the margins during the presidential primary, the former Republican vice presidential candidate and conservative lightning rod is once again becoming a valuable ally in duels within her party, making endorsements in nine primary races so far in 2012, compared with more than 60 in the 2010 election cycle.

In many contests she was far from the sole decisive force, but her endorsements have helped propel several underdogs. And at times, she has played it safe, rallying behind party stalwarts such as Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch and Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake.

“She has shown a level of political maturity that is surprising—and not just to me, but to others in the party,” said Republican operative Rich Galen. “By limiting her involvement, she is giving her picks more weight. And that is helping her brand.”

Probably her most successful endorsement this cycle was of Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz.  Governor Rick Perry and a number of establishment figures had endorsed his opponent, David Dewhurst, who was expected to win the primary fairly easily.  In the end it was a crushing defeat, and Cruz won, 57 to 43%.

Sarah Palin has also endorsed former Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams in the Congressional District 5 primary.  It’s something that has brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to Adams’s campaign.  In a district where the electorate is very conservative, an endorsement from a figure like Palin is a huge advantage.  Could this be something that helps propel Kirk Adams to victory?

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Palin endorsement could be key in district 5 race