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Who does Ann Kirkpatrick stand with? (Update: Kirkpatrick ditches AGAIN!)

Posted: August 10, 2012 at 4:57 am   /   by

We already know that Ann Kirkpatrick runs away a lot.

But where does she stand?


In 2009, Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick walked out on her constituents after signing on with President Obama’s big government agenda. Kirkpatrick claims she does not want to second-guess the President because she doesn’t want to walk in his shoes. But as this video clearly shows, Ann Kirkpatrick doesn’t want to walk in the shoes of the voters. In fact, she chose to walk out on the voters of her district. As a result, the voters of Arizona’s 1st Congressional District defeated her in the 2010 General Election. Now, Kirkpatrick wants back in to Congress to support President Obama’s agenda of big government, higher taxes and increased spending. It’s time to remind Ann Kirkpatrick that the voters don’t want her back.


Update: Kirkpatrick ditches the voters . . . again!!

(Release from Paton for Congress)

Kirkpatrick ditches first public TV debate
ites “scheduling conflicts” for failure to appear at every candidate forum

Arizona Public Media yesterday hosted a candidate forum for the Republican Candidates in Congressional District One. KUAT has also been attempting to schedule a forum for the Democratic candidates – without any success.

The producers of the KUAT show Arizona Illustrated had a tough time getting Ann Kirkpatrick to commit to the debate, and in the end Kirkpatrick said she had “scheduling conflicts”.

Of course, with Ann Kirkpatrick, there always seems to be a scheduling conflict for candidate forums.

You can view the entire debate here:

“It should be noted we invited the Democrats for Congressional District One to come in for a similar forum. So far, we haven’t been able to resolve some scheduling conflicts,” said Christopher Conover, the show’s host at the end of the debate at minute 26:40.

“It’s a travesty that we have a person running for Congress that isn’t willing to publicly answer questions for the voters,” said Jonathan Paton, Republican candidate for Congress.

Paton added: “The people of this district deserve a Representative who will answer their questions, talk to them about the issues, and be an independent voice for them in Washington. Ann Kirkpatrick’s continual refusal to talk about the issues is insulting to the working families and small businesses of this district that are hurting from this economy.”

Skipping out on the KUAT televised debate is just the latest in a series of publicly advertised candidate forums that Ann Kirkpatrick has had “scheduling conflicts” for, including a forum hosted by the White Mountain Democrats and another by the Maricopa Monitor newspaper and

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

Managing Editor at Western Free Press
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Christopher Cook

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Who does Ann Kirkpatrick stand with? (Update: Kirkpatrick ditches AGAIN!)