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Arizona Democratic Party Stays Neutral on Open Primary Committee Initiative

Posted: August 4, 2012 at 10:10 am   /   by

In a recent Arizona Democratic State Committee meeting in Payson, members discussed the Arizona Open Primary initiative. While many key state leaders had opinions about the initiative, as of now the Arizona Democratic Party is remaining neutral on the initiative.

The silence, in this instance, speaks to the growing statewide opposition of the initiative. As of now, many in the Arizona Republican Party have been in open opposition to the Open Primary Initiative. Also, Warren Severin, Chairman of the Arizona Libertarian Party, and Linda Macias, 2nd Vice Co-Chair of the Arizona Green Party, have both opposed the proposed legislation. Many third party leaders see the Open Primary as a way for Democrats and Republicans to keep their candidates from a potential general fight.

Many political minds differ on the effectiveness of a Top-Two Primary system. Some feel that our current process is so badly broken that only a shake-up of this magnitude will motivate apathetic voters to vote. Others have shown that the experiment retains incumbents more so than any other form of elections. California recently tested the Open Primary system. It yielded almost no difference from past primary elections, except that this election brought a lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of the Open Primary system.

Voters will have to decide on the Top-Two primary by the November 6 General Election.

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Arizona Democratic Party Stays Neutral on Open Primary Committee Initiative