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Most Americans STILL Blame President Obama for the Hurting Economy

Posted: July 30, 2012 at 3:50 pm   /   by

It seems as though the focus of this year’s Presidential election will mimic that of 1992 when Bill Clinton unseated incumbent George Bush. To sum it up, as Clinton strategist James Carville said, it’s “the economy, stupid!”  Which may not bode well for Barack Obama come November.

Last week we saw more Americans get on disability rolls than find jobs, our neighbors to the North surpassed American families in average household wealth, and GDP estimates for this year were being adjusted downward.

Obviously the economy is not turning the corner as many were predicting. In fact, it seems to be dragging downward. Despite their best efforts to peg the negative economic reports on former President George W. Bush, the public seems to be placing the blame on the current President and his administration.

A new poll out last week by The Hill shows that nearly 34% of likely voters find Obama to be most responsible for our economic woes, while only 18% point the finger at President Bush. Others highlighted Congress (23%) and Wall Street (20%) as the guilty parties.

The one bright spot for Obama in the poll is with centrists, who determined that the Republicans in Congress were to blame as opposed to the President himself, 26% to 20%.  Likewise, the centrist view that Obama has made correct decisions in attacking the economic crisis outpaces detractors 53% to 38%.  Seeing as how independent and moderate voters will play a major role in this year’s election it gives Obama’s team something to cling to.

Overall, however, the numbers have to be concerning for Obama as he finds himself in a dead heat for reelection with Mitt Romney. Couple these polls with Obama’s reckless statements on entrepreneurs not being responsible for creating their own business and Mitt Romney’s business background, and the President must be searching for any reprieve from addressing the economy at all.

Though this is only one poll, most economic indicators show that Obama will have an uphill battle going into November if the struggles continue. Unemployment is still above 8%, factory output is down for the second month in a row, home sales dropped 5.4% last month, and consumer confidence is down once again.

Voters seem to be moving on from the “blame Bush” mentality that was being pushed so hard and seemed to mark the first half of Obama’s term. Instead they are beginning to fault Obama and see his recovery efforts as failed and fruitless. In the run up to November, Obama better hope for a reversal of economic fortunes or a diversion away from the topic altogether, otherwise Carville’s maxim may claim its second victim.

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Most Americans STILL Blame President Obama for the Hurting Economy