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U.S. Senator Jon Kyl Endorses Bob Worsley for State Senate

Posted: July 27, 2012 at 3:10 pm   /   by

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Mesa, Ariz. – Today, Arizona’s very own US Senator Jon Kyl endorsed Republican candidate Bob Worsley for the legislative district 25 Senate seat in the heart of Mesa.

“Bob Worsley is a solid conservative with good ideas and business world experience.  He’s exactly the type of candidate Arizona needs,” said Senator Kyl.  “I have no doubt he will focus on the issues that matter most to Arizonans and help move our state forward.”

Bob Worsley added: “It’s a great honor to receive the endorsement of Senator Kyl.  Jon has been a true statesman for Arizona, not a politician.   Senator Kyl recognizes the importance of having business-minded small-government conservatives serving our state.  We were all disappointed when he announced his retirement, but I look forward to him working with him in the next chapter of his life to achieve his vision for Arizona and move our state forward.”

Bob Worsley is a conservative Republican businessman running to represent district 25 in the state senate.  District 25 covers much of Mesa. Worsley has been an east valley resident for 32 years and has been married to his wife Christi for 35 years.  They have 6 children and 16 grandchildren.   Worsley has created over 1,000 jobs in Arizona though his numerous business ventures including SkyMall, for which he was named 1999 AZ Entrepreneur of the Year.  Worsley was recently endorsed by Mesa Mayor Scott Smith and the entire Mesa City Council.  Worsley has received many other endorsements, including Stan Turley, Wayne Polmeroy, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and other prominent community leaders and organizations.

Worsley will use his business experience to find common sense solutions to the state’s problems, to strengthen our local economy, and to create an environment that will lead to job creation.  He believes Mesa deserves an elevated image and future.  Worsley recently released a new television commercial, “One Note.”


To learn more about Bob Worsley, visit or


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U.S. Senator Jon Kyl Endorses Bob Worsley for State Senate