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ID required to attend Holder speech on Capitol Hill

Posted: July 26, 2012 at 7:45 am   /   by

According to the Daily Caller, Eric Holder gave a speech to Capitol Hill interns yestertoday and lectured a student for taking notes.

“Holder is talking and then he sees some kid taking notes,” the intern, who asked to remain anonymous to protect his boss, said in a phone interview. “He [Holder] asks, ‘Oh, why are you taking notes? Are you from the Washington Post?’”

“He [the intern Holder scolded] is like, ‘no,’” the intern who spoke with TheDC recalls.

“Then, he [Holder] is like, ‘what office do you work in?’” he continued. “And, the kid is like, ‘oh Kevin McCarthy.’”

He said, next, Holder responded, “’Oh, you’re one of those guys,’ kind of like jokingly but meaning he was a Republican.”

Holder’s remarks apparently had an effect on the room, the intern who spoke with TheDC said. ““Yeah, I was scared to take notes then,” he told TheDC. “No one else whipped out pens and paper to take notes.”

How’s that for intimidation?  Oh, and by the way, the event was closed to the public and they were checking ID’s at the door.

Hannah Thoreson

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ID required to attend Holder speech on Capitol Hill