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Did Matt Salmon Lobby for stimulus funds for the city of El Mirage?

Posted: July 23, 2012 at 7:34 pm   /   by

Matt Salmon’s firm had a contract with the city of El Mirage worth $300,000 to lobby for stimulus funds.  As the mayor explains in the clip, “$300,000 is also a drop in the bucket compared to the stimulus funds that our neighbors receive.  The reason they receive that money is because every other city has a lobbyist firm, has representatives that work for them at the state and at the federal level getting money to bring back to their city.  We all hear them as pet projects, those sorts of things. … We’re trying to have our lobbyists work for stimulus funds.”

For perspective, El Mirage is a town of only 32,000 people.  Matt Salmon’s contract with the city of El Mirage cost approximately $10 per person.  Though, through a bit of research, Western Free Press was able to determine that the city likely turned a profit on the decision to hire Matt Salmon to lobby for them:  at minimum, El Mirage brought in $1,714,000 in stimulus funds.  That’s $54 per person!

Was the $1,714,000 in stimulus to El Mirage spent on “pet projects”, as the Kirk Adams campaign alleges?  You decide:

  • $300,000 in irrigation and landscaping in the medians on a roadway
  • $1,114,000 for solar-powered shade canopies installed at public facilities in El Mirage
  • $300,000 to apply sealant to a road that is going to be rebuilt


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Did Matt Salmon Lobby for stimulus funds for the city of El Mirage?