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A roman emperor springs to mind . . . some guy with a fiddle?

Posted: July 22, 2012 at 11:32 am   /   by

ICYMI . . .

President Obama misses job council meeting because he has “a lot on his plate”; meaning  job creation stagnates

We all want one and, sadly, according to a recent article by Mortimer B. Zuckerman, 8.2 percent of the country desperately needs one.

The article highlights another problem.  Over the past three months job creation estimates stand at only 75,000 per month.

Guess how many people are entering the workforce each month?


So quick math tells us that 75,000 people are entering the work force and heading straight to the unemployment line each month.

When asked why the council had not met publicly in the past six months White House press secretary Jay Carney informed the media the President had “a lot on his plate.”

So what is President Barack Obama doing for those who are sweating it out on unemployment?

He’s golfing.

And fundraising.

And bashing Mitt Romney for trying to come up with solutions to the problem. Yet his Jobs Council has not met publicly in the past six months, with no end to that drought in sight.

The Republican National Committee produced a video explaining that the president’s plate is full of golf trips and fundraisers.


All the while, 8.2 percent of the citizens in the nation he presides over are having trouble filling their plates with food necessary for survival.

Four years ago, President Obama promised to get the nation back on track.  We gave him the job and he has failed to produce.

If he can’t even do his job well why should we think he’ll be able to help us find one?


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A roman emperor springs to mind . . . some guy with a fiddle?