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Thanks for nothing, Obama. Women are still unemployed.

Posted: July 17, 2012 at 4:44 am   /   by

Since June 2009, men have gained 80% of the net jobs created in the US.

More startling is that in June there were 5,785,000 unemployed women – 780,000 more than in January 2009. 

This feels like the old “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” thing – the handmaiden left holding a bouquet of wilting flowers while the bride goes off on a fabulous trip.  Where are our jobs?  Our families are suffering.

Rejection is tough.  I know.  I have been underemployed for a long time.  I think middle aged women have a difficult time.  Hiring younger workers is cheaper and perhaps two lower skilled people are more productive initially — until experience starts to count.  So how does that explain the guy thing?  Old guys need jobs too.

Women are more likely to work in fields that have been more affected by the lousy economy, such as teaching and clerical work.  Good grief, men now even have a majority of the retail jobs – 51%.  Those used to be the low-paying jobs that women got.

What’s happening?  We need more than manufacturing jobs.  The private sector that Obama said is “doing fine” is the one that isn’t hiring women and isn’t confident enough to open up more jobs.  Children say “fine” to avoid uncomfortable discussion:  “How was your day, Charlie?”  “Fine,” followed by a quick exit, might be the response when he got a D on his paper.  Perhaps that’s what is really going on.

We aren’t “fine.”  We want to be more than bridesmaids.  Let’s do something about the unemployment rate.

Katherine Dudley Hoehn

Katherine writes from her home office, with the help of her adopted chocolate lab. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, she has spent most her her government relations and nonprofit career inside the Capital Beltway where she also raised two amazing sons.

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Thanks for nothing, Obama. Women are still unemployed.