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President Obama’s Texas Message Does Not Make Sense

Posted: July 17, 2012 at 10:56 am   /   by

It was once widely believed that the President’s Health Care law would be the medical fix for the nation’s 49 million poorest. Now Texans are seeing the unforeseen consequences of an ill-conceived spattering of what were our nation’s most liberal leaders. The Texas Medical Association recently released a study that finds only 31% of doctors are accepting new patients dependent on Medicaid.

Even with the shortage of doctors to care for these patients, Obama and the Department of Health and Human Services are pushing for Texas to expand their Medicaid rolls. What is Governor Perry’s response? “[Give] our dollars that we send up there back to the states, and Oklahoma or California or Texas […] would make the right decisions about how to deliver health care in their states rather than one size fits all, our way or the highway,” he said to a Midland radio audience.

If there is one thing this President should learn, and I am a little surprised he has not learned it in the past three and a half years, is that you don’t mess with Texas. Texas currently accounts for 8.3% of the nation’s GDP. In spite of all of the Obama Administration’s overregulation, Texas leads the nation in job creation, and has for some time. Now the President wants to tell Texas how to improve its economy? Given the President’s success rate, I can understand how Governor Perry feels.

Governor Perry’s idea for local financial control is not novel. In fact, principally, it makes perfect sense. What is the best way to ensure that money is spent on the necessities: give the money to the people closest to the situation or to a faceless bureaucrat thousands of miles away? The answer, Mr. President, is the people closest to the situation. If you really want to help the poorest Americans, give control back to the states…and DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS.

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President Obama’s Texas Message Does Not Make Sense