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For Kyrsten Sinema, NALEO = Not A Latina Elected Official, After All

Posted: July 13, 2012 at 2:14 pm   /   by

Two candidates for federal office this cycle have now faced difficulties as a result of previous false claims to minority heritage.

One of them is Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race, and now the other is Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona’s own ninth Congressional district.

Kyrsten Sinema is many things:  charismatic, outspoken, progressive… but Hispanic or Latina, no way.

Yet, she repeatedly claimed to be a Latina during her interaction with the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.  Which is a shame:  NALEO is a reputable organization.  Both Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio have recently been featured speakers at NALEO events, though neither of them made a false claim of Latino heritage.

Worse, according to her campaign disclosures, Sinema also took funding from NALEO intended for Latina candidates.

12 News did a pretty hilarious segment tearing Sinema apart over this blunder.  Sinema initially blamed the organization for the error, and is now furiously issuing press releases quoting other people about her work on behalf of actual Latinos.  Perhaps being honest in the first place, instead of first lying to and then lying about NALEO, would have been a better strategy.

Hannah Thoreson

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For Kyrsten Sinema, NALEO = Not A Latina Elected Official, After All