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No Refunds.

Posted: July 11, 2012 at 3:30 pm   /   by

Women who manage families, run their own businesses, oversee personal or corporate finances, and direct purchases and purchasing decisions of all sorts understand the importance of being a smart consumer.  And we understand that many purchases are not refundable.

I made a stupid, uneducated decision to see a movie over the weekend.  Worse yet, I took a friend with me.  Rather than read the reviews, I watched a preview.  Rather than talk to people my own age with similar interests, I read a brief comment on Facebook by the daughter of a friend who complimented the leading actor’s performance.  I paid no attention to the movie rating (R), assuming it was a comedy, based on the preview.

The result was that I sat through a movie that embarrassed me, sickened me in many ways, and made me feel horribly guilty for misleading someone else. I wanted my money back! When I told my sons about it later, their response was something like this, “It was a MALE STRIPPER movie!  What did you think you were going to see?  It’s rated R and you didn’t think it would be disgusting?  What were you thinking?”  Somehow this role reversal was made it all the worse.  But there is a larger, relevant lesson here. 

Iowans, take notice.  Word has it that you are having some buyer’s remorse.  You are in a position to affect the election in November as when you bought the blue ticket in 2008.  Maybe you listened to the wrong people, were sold a product you didn’t know enough about, or failed to notice the ratings.  Sadly, the price you paid far exceeds my $10 movie ticket.  All Americans have paid the price.  While there is no refund, you can make a substitution.

The rumblings about your dissatisfaction are understandable.  Now, you can look back and use the data you have had four years to collect and do your research.  Don’t rely on Facebook or the children of a friend to help you decide.

Here are some questions you might want to ask, and encourage your family and friends to ask, before “buying” a ticket in November:

  • Am I better off now than I was in 2008?
  • On the issues most important to me, has progress been made?
  • How has my family been affected by decisions made by this Administration?
  • Which ticket will improve the economic outlook for my children and grandchildren?
  • Which candidate do you trust?

Iowans, and all Americans, have a chance to replace a bad purchase with a good one. We all need to be better consumers.  There is more than $10 at risk and none of it is refundable.

Katherine Dudley Hoehn

Katherine writes from her home office, with the help of her adopted chocolate lab. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, she has spent most her her government relations and nonprofit career inside the Capital Beltway where she also raised two amazing sons.

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No Refunds.