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“Healthcare,” the Supreme Court, and Liberty

Posted: June 30, 2012 at 5:00 pm   /   by

By Tamzin A. Rosenwasser, M.D.

The case before the Supreme Court, and the ObamaCare bill itself, were never about medical care, or as statists like to call it, “healthcare.” (“Healthcare” includes things like “smoking cessation counsel” that people can do for themselves, if they want to, and that no amount of counsel from a physician can induce them to do if they do not want to.)

No, the case and the bill are about liberty vs tyranny. From the beginning, the major question was: Will the Court uphold the Constitution and defend liberty, or will the more “conservative” justices cave in like poltroons?

The Court has been overtly threatened by Obama. His level of pressure and attempted coercion of the Court is the unprecedented move here. For the Court to declare a law unconstitutional is its duty if the law is unconstitutional. With all the lawyers in Congress and the Administration attempting to practice medicine at a distance, I’ll just step from medicine into law, and state that the bill is blatantly unconstitutional, and anyone who graduated from eighth grade before statist schools transmogrified education into brainwashing could have told us so.

We are in the midst of a coup d’etat in America. Reportedly, Barack Obama was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America when he ran for his state senate seat in Illinois in 1996, and according to New Party News, Barack Obama was a member of the New Party, whose membership consists heavily of ACORN adherents, and members of the Democratic Socialists of America. Those people have a Marxist agenda for these United States of America. Obama’s actions in the White House appear to be entirely congruent with a Marxist agenda.

There is no authorization anywhere in our Constitution for government involvement or interference in medical care.

The Court decided not to split the baby, but essentially to uphold the entire Act. In so doing, it has made itself, and the Constitution, dead letters. We are in the midst of an undeclared second Civil War. All of our efforts must now be directed unceasingly toward restoring the liberty that is our birthright, and for which so many gave their youth and their lives. We are more threatened by our current situation than we were in World War Two, when a sea lay between us and our enemies. America’s enemies are now in the White House, the halls of Congress, and on the Court. May God help us.

Even before the law passed, there was no way that the three programs on which the bulk of our tax dollars are spent could be sustained. Those programs are Social “Security,” Medicare, and Medicaid. ObamaCare can only bring the system down faster.

Our efforts now must lie with correcting the situation that allowed this bill to pass. The blatant dishonesty, back-room deals, lying promises, and illegal campaign contributions from foreign sources must stop.

We need to kick the statists out of Congress, and insist that new members abide by their oath to uphold the Constitution. Both Democrats and Republicans who voted to confirm Justices Kagan, Sotomajor, Ginsburg, and Breyer, who reliably vote to expand the power of the state beyond constitutional bounds, should be removed from Congress.

A relentless campaign of education of the public must continue, led by those physicians and others who actually deliver medical care, and who have actually read the bill, unlike members of Congress and the Court

We must also take charge of our children’s education in history and civics, so that they will not wake up one day homeless in the land their forefathers created.

Liberty cannot survive if the electorate profits from destroying it. No citizen over the age of 25 who does not pay net taxes should be allowed to vote. Just as there is no taxation without representation, there can be no representation without taxation, because those who do not pay taxes vote themselves largesse from the taxes of others, thereby making others second-class citizens and veritable slaves.

ObamaCare is a perfect illustration.

Dr Tamzin Rosenwasser earned her MD from Washington University in St Louis. She is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology and has practiced Emergency Medicine and Dermatology. Dr. Rosenwasser served as President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) in 2007-2008 and is currently on the Board of Directors. She also serves as the chair of the Research Advisory Committee of the Newfoundland Club of America. As a life-long dog lover and trainer, she realizes that her dogs have better access to medical care and more medical privacy than she has, and her veterinarians are paid more than physicians in the United States for exactly the same types of surgery. Contact: [email protected], 765-538-2058

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“Healthcare,” the Supreme Court, and Liberty