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Christians stoned by Muslims in Dearborn, MI

Posted: June 30, 2012 at 2:00 pm   /   by
Christians are “Stoned” by Muslims in majority Muslim community in U.S. DEARBORN “TAHRIR SQUARE” MICHIGAN
By Janet Levy 
If this extremely disturbing video does not result in a Federal investigation into the human rights violations of those Christians physically attacked at the 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival then we are watching the beginning of a new America, a “MUSLIM AMERICA.”
In this new America, a “MUSLIM AMERICA,” shariah-compliant Muslims have succeeded in striking fear into the hearts of the infidels. In the case of the Dearborn Arab Festival, you will see that the infidels are NOT the few, brave Christians who withstood the physical attacks by the blood-thirsty Muslims, but the fearful are those who have taken an oath to protect Americans. The fearful, are the Dearborn Sheriff and Police. Sadly, you will see the Police fearful of confronting the criminals and enforcing the law as they stand by watching “Muslims Gone Wild,” attack the helpless Christians.
The United West predicts that success of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt combined with the mounting fury of the “Arab Spring,” coupled with the support of President Obama will result in an expansive, “strong-horse” onslaught of Muslim physical aggression, similar to this Dearborn disaster, all across the new, “MUSLIM AMERICA.”
Below is my correspondence to Chief Richardson, the Chief of Police who refused to do anything to aid the Christians who were assaulted by Muslims at the Dearborn Arab Festival.
Chief Richardson:Your job is to protect all citizens and abide by the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights.  That you and your officers failed to protect Christians at the Arab Festival from rocks, airborne water and urine and other projectiles is a disgrace.  You deserve to be sanctioned and removed from your position, preferably minus your undeserved pension.Your apocryphal claim that you couldn’t spare two officers to protect the free speech rights of peaceful Christians lacks any credibility.  Somehow, you spared FOUR officers to man the cotton candy stand and utilized TWELVE officers for a traffic stop of the car of the victims of a vicious attack by local Muslims.

Shame on you!   I’m anxiously awaiting a court case and will advise Judicial Watch and other righteous groups who protect the rights of American citizens to get a jump on this case against you and your negligent officers.

You are a discredit to your badge.

Janet Levy,

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Janet Levy

Janet Levy, MSW, MBA, is a political activist, writer, public speaker and world traveler.She has contributed to American Thinker, Pajamas Media, FrontPage Magazine, Family Security Matters, and other publications and has served as an investigative reporter for Full Disclosure Network.Ms. Levy has been a guest on several radio programs, including Tammy Bruce, General Vallely’s Stand-up America, Pundit Review, the Center for Individual Freedom, and Alan Jones.As a staunch advocate for the preservation of constitutional freedoms, Ms. Levy has worked with various organizations and government representatives to stem the incursion of Islamic Shariah law into the American justice system. She has presented seminars on the effect of shariah law on women, the global jihad, the Islamist infiltration of American society and institutions and illegal immigration. In 2007, Ms. Levy was a media guest of the Joint Task Force – Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.She blogs at

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Christians stoned by Muslims in Dearborn, MI