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DNC faces funding shortfall for convention

Posted: June 28, 2012 at 3:18 am   /   by

The DNC is falling far behind its fundraising goals and struggling to budget for its convention.  Their goal is to raise $36.6 million for the event, but so far they have less than $10 million.  Now the party is in a scramble to change the plans for the event to fit the amount of money available.

The party had originally planned to hold a kickoff event at Charlotte Motor Speedway, which has since been cancelled.  Organizers claim it has to do with logistics, but $36.6 million could go a lot further toward solving those problems than what they have.

The convention was already shortened by one day in January.

In January, Steve Kerrigan, chief executive officer of the convention committee, said that Democrats were shortening their convention from four days to three “to make room for a day to organize and celebrate the Carolinas, Virginia and the South and kick off the convention at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Labor Day,” Sept. 3.

North Carolina is expected to be a key swing state this cycle, and was narrowly won by President Obama in 2008.  However, few serious analysts expect him to win the state’s 15 electoral votes a second time.  Despite this, the Democrats have made winning North Carolina enough of a priority to hold their convention in the state.

The Republican Party is opting for a play at Florida by hosting its convention in Tampa, and is expected to meet its fundraising goal of $55 million.

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DNC faces funding shortfall for convention