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Speaker Tobin Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling on SB1070

Posted: June 25, 2012 at 2:30 pm   /   by

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (June 25, 2012) – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its ruling regarding SB 1070 striking down significant portions of the legislation while upholding Section 2B – the “reasonable suspicion” provision. Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Andy Tobin (R-Dist. 1), reacted to the high court’s decision, which will have wide reaching effects on Arizona and the rest of the nation’s approach to immigration law enforcement.

Speaker Tobin stated, “As Arizona has been at the forefront of combating illegal immigration and other border crime, we have always hoped to have a willing law enforcement partner in the federal government. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has chosen to selectively enforce the law and aggressively subvert the state of Arizona as we strove to fill the enforcement gaps.”

The Supreme Court upheld the key component of the legislation, provision 2B, which enables law enforcement to inquire as to the immigration status of suspects already being questioned.

The Speaker continued, “It is unfortunate the Obama Administration is not interested in enforcing the law and attempted, through Attorney General Holder, to prevent SB 1070 from being implemented. SB 1070 would not have been necessary had the administration been willing to support Arizona with appropriate enforcement strategies.”

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Speaker Tobin Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling on SB1070