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Getting control of Arizona land

arizona land
Posted: June 22, 2012 at 1:45 pm   /   by

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Senator Sylvia Allen

The American Lands Council is a new organization founded by Utah State Representative Ken Ivory.  The Council’s goal is to channel “the cooperative efforts of state and local governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals to secure and defend local control of land access, land use, and land ownership through:

I.   Education

II.  Political Persuasion

III. Legislation (local, state and national)

IV. Litigation”

Western states are at a distinct disadvantage compared to the states east of Mississippi because we don’t have control of all the land within our borders.  The federal government controls [and mismanages] a major part of our land and interferes with mining, ranching, farming, grazing, water management, and many other aspects that are vital to our state economy, education, tourism, and our general prosperity.  The resources within the western states could provide all of the energy needs for our country without depending on OPEC.  Our resources in the western states could provide the vast majority of minerals, metals, and wood fiber needed in our country.  The vast resources in our western states could pull this country out of our tremendous debt.  We could be debt-free.  The tremendous resources in Arizona could increase our education funding.

In Utah, the teachers unions realized what a disadvantage it was not to have control of their state land, and the unions became a huge supporter of Representative Ivory’s bill that was recently passed by the legislature and signed by the governor.  That same bill was sponsored here in Arizona during the 2012 legislative session by Senator Al Melvin and others.  The bill (SB1332) passed but was vetoed by Governor Brewer.

We need to do in Arizona what Rep. Ken Ivory did in Utah.  We need to build a huge coalition of educated citizens who understand how important it is for us to be on an equal footing with the other states that control the land within their borders.  If you haven’t seen the video, “Tale of Two States,” click and watch it.  Review the website, “Are We Not a State?” and see why sovereignty over the land within our borders is so important.

Again, support Rep. Chester Crandell’s bill, HCR2004 (“State Sovereignty”), which will be on the ballot in November.  I don’t know what number will be assigned to this Proposition just yet, but I will let you know as soon as it’s available.

Please review this material and support the American Lands Council.  Freedom requires sovereignty over our land.

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Getting control of Arizona land