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That doesn’t sound so bad, Mr. President

Posted: June 14, 2012 at 3:15 pm   /   by

“If you want to give the policies of the last decade another try, then you should vote for Mr. Romney,” Obama said. “No no, you should vote for his allies in Congress and take them at their word and they will take America down this path. And Mr. Romney is qualified to deliver on that plan.”  — President Obama, giving another Major Jobs Speech today in Ohio


Way to score points for the wrong team.  Mitt Romney is perfectly qualified to deliver on a plan that consists of returning to the policies of the last decade?

The average American family has lost 40% of their net worth since 2007, and unemployment remains stubbornly high.

The 2000’s were when many Americans got their first flat screen TV’s and cell phones.  The internet truly became a mainstream form of communications rather than something mostly used in offices or by surly teenagers messaging their friends from the PC in the basement.  Instead of news stories about foreclosures and joblessness, the panic industry made a hobby out of warning Americans that their McMansions and supersized sodas were too large.

Times were too good.  Americans were losing their souls to consumerism, MySpace, ADHD medication, video games, and everything else.   It was hip to be concerned about the crisis of having too much stuff.  That was what happened as a result of “the failed policies of the last decade”, and many would probably like to return to that catastrophe of affluence.  Mitt Romney should play the President’s remarks nonstop until November to remind people what will happen if he is elected.



Hannah Thoreson

Hannah Thoreson is a science and technology writer based in northern Virginia. She earned a physics degree from Arizona State University in 2012 and has been causing trouble ever since.

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That doesn't sound so bad, Mr. President