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This isn’t a campaign ad, but it should be

Posted: June 9, 2012 at 3:15 pm   /   by

Barack Obama handing Mitt Romney a golden opportunity yesterday, when he said . . .

 The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government. Oftentimes cuts initiated by, you know, Governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government and who don’t have the same kind of flexibility as the federal government in dealing with fewer revenues coming in.

Romney’s response was a stand-up triple:



Clean, neat, and effective.


I have to point out one thing more about Obama’s quote:

” The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government.”

After four years of giving every possible advantage to his cronies in unions, especially public employee unions . . . after the Stimulus took almost a trillion dollars of money from taxpaying families and sent it to states to pay off public unions and save bloated government jobs . . . and after the Wisconsin recall showed that the taxpayers have had enough of that very behavior . . .

. . . he has the nerve to say that we need to be sending more to state governments?


“Out of touch” is right, Governor Romney. Well said.

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

Managing Editor at Western Free Press
Christopher Cook is a writer, editor, and political commentator. He is the president of Castleraine, Inc., a consulting firm providing a diverse array of services to corporate, public policy, and not-for-profit clients.

Ardently devoted to the cause of human freedom, he has worked at the confluence of politics, activism, and public policy for more than a decade. He co-wrote a ten-part series of video shorts on economics, and has film credits as a researcher on 11 political documentaries, including Citizens United's notorious film on Hillary Clinton that became the subject of a landmark Supreme Court decision. He is the founder of several activist endeavors, including (now a part of Western Free Press) and He is currently the managing editor of and principal contributor to
Christopher Cook

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This isn't a campaign ad, but it should be