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The Stupidest Story Ever Told – “Government Help”

Posted: May 10, 2012 at 3:30 pm   /   by

By Dick McDonald

Today’s Lead Editorial from the New York Times:

A Clear Warning From the Jobs Numbers

After the unmistakably weak employment report for April, it’s obvious that the economy will not heal itself without more government help.

The Democrats promote and the media parrot the insane notion that “the economy will not heal itself without more government help.” In what alternative universe are these idiots living?

Government help is code for stimulus.  That requires the government (the public sector) to spend money directed into the hands of individual citizens (private sector).  Now folks ask the question the media, the Republicans and the pundits refuse to ask – where does the government get the money to feed into the private sector?

Well it gets it from three sources;

Taxes – it can raise taxes.  That however is losing proposition. By taking taxes from the private sector to just put it back into the private sector doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Democrats think that taking a unit of one from the private sector just to put that same unit back into the private sector increases GDP by a factor of 1.5%.  They need to go back to dumbbell math class. They shouldn’t be allowed to run the government.

Borrowing – it can borrow money. Of course that means our kids are going to have to pay it back with interest.  China has been very accommodating investing back their surplus from our trade deficit but that has had a major change recently. They are now investing vast sums in gold because the US Dollar is going south and they don’t want a ticket on that bus.

Printing – we can print more money.  Of course that means inflation which in turn means a vicious tax on the poor who are prisoners who have to pay the increased gas and food prices just to survive.

We need to replace our politicians.

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The Stupidest Story Ever Told – “Government Help”