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Arizona campaigns update

Posted: May 6, 2012 at 8:00 am   /   by

A few election news items from around the state . . .

According to a recent robo-poll, David Schweikert has increased his lead over Ben Quayle:

An autodial poll of the CD6 primary shows Schweikert increasing his lead over Quayle. A poll conducted last night of 433 likely Republican primary voters, provided by a GOP consultant who is not involved in either campaign, shows Schweikert leading Quayle 44-30, with 26 percent undecided. A poll conducted by the same consultant last month showed Schweikert with a 37-30 lead over Quayle (YS, 4/9).

The fact that Schweikert and Quayle—incumbents who both acquitted themselves well in their freshmen terms—would end up in a primary fight was made possible by the hijacking of the supposedly “independent” redistricting process in Arizona. The maps produced by that process have been approved by the Justice Department, but they will still undergo legal challenge:

The lawsuits maintained that the Independent Redistricting Commission packed some districts with Republican voters to give Democrats an advantage in adjoining districts.

The commission “systematically overpopulated Republican-plurality districts and underpopulated Democrat-plurality districts, the obvious goal being to maximize the number of Democratic districts,” the lawsuit maintains.

Republicans have complained that although Independent Redistricting Chairwoman Chris Mathis is a registered Independent, she’s actually a closet Democrat, who tilted the process in favor of the minority party. Gov. Jan Brewer at one point removed Mathis, but a judge reinstated her on the grounds the governor had offered no clear evidence of misconduct before removing her. The Legislature has refused to appropriate the money to cover the costs of the Independent Redistricting Commission’s defense of the chairwoman after that action.

Finally, in one of the new districts created by the AIRC, a crowded primary just got a little more crowded:

Lisa Borowsky Files Paperwork to Run for Congressional District 9

Vows to repeal ObamaCare, stop the reckless spending in Washington and get Arizona back to work


SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Scottsdale City Councilwoman Lisa Borowsky announced today that she filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to run for Congress in Arizona’s newly created ninth congressional district.

“For too long career politicians in Washington have failed to take the necessary measures to get our economy back on track. Our national debt is approaching $16 trillion dollars and unemployment in Arizona remains around 8.7%. That is simply unacceptable,” said Borowsky. “Once elected, I will fight to repeal ObamaCare, stop reckless spending and fix our economy.”

“While on the Scottsdale City Council, I voted to cut spending and reduce taxes and I plan to take my record of fiscal responsibility to Washington. I have worked hard to attract new businesses to our area and reduce the red tape that stifles job growth and will continue this fight in Congress,” said Borowsky.

Borowsky concluded, “I am not a career politician and will always put Arizona first. It is time to elect real leaders to Washington who don’t just talk the talk but who will make the tough decisions to get our country back on track.”

Lisa Borowsky is a Scottsdale City Councilwoman first elected in 2008. Lisa is an attorney and has been a small business-owner, founding Borowsky Law Group in 2006. She recently was named Partner at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC. She has a broad background in real estate, real estate law, extensive civil litigation experience and serves regularly as a court appointed arbitrator. Lisa completed her undergraduate degree at Arizona State University and attended St. John’s University, School of Law, where she was awarded her Juris Doctorate in 1993. She is a native of the Valley and is raising her daughter in Scottsdale.

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

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Arizona campaigns update