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Obama’s “flexibility” message also heard in the Middle East

Posted: April 4, 2012 at 3:15 pm   /   by

There have been many times over the past few years when I have called attention to the Islamist-friendly policies of President Obama, ranging from his Cairo address to the Muslim world to his administration’s characterization of the Muslim Brotherhood as “largely secular.”  But I have never before seen the President make a 180-degree reversal and stab an ally in the back – as he has done in numerous ways to Israel in the past few days.  Because the betrayals tend to be reported in separate articles, it can be difficult to add them up and fully appreciate how outrageous they are.

To put it in a nutshell, President Obama is starting to act more like an ally of Iran than of Israel.  It’s that jaw-droppingly incredible.

To fully appreciate this betrayal, let’s start by contrasting Obama’s words from the beginning of his term to what he or his administration says today:


These last two statements by President Obama deserves special attention: First, his administration publicly handed Iran vital strategic military information.  Next, in discreet words to Russian President Medvedev, he suggested that the Russians could expect a favorable deal on missile defense if they’d simply wait until after Obama is safely reelected this November.  This missile defense program, which Russia has been resisting, is intended to protect Israel and Europe from an Iranian rocket attack.  More bluntly, Obama is talking with Medvedev about selling out America’s Israeli and European allies.

What is even more frightening about this message is how it will play in Tehran because Obama has said he opposes an Iranian nuclear weapon, not a nuclear capability.  This message give the leaders of the Islamic Republic every reason to believe that if they simply hold off any display of a nuclear bomb until after November, they will be able to develop their capability, which will make it easy for them to quickly assemble a nuclear weapon whenever they please.  If fully developed with adequate supplies of enriched uranium, this capability will result in an unstoppable ability to assemble a bomb sometime after our November election.

In fact, the principle of a uranium bomb is so simple that such bombs can be built and used as weapons without prior testing.  This is what actually happened with the Hiroshima bomb, a uranium bomb of different design from the plutonium bomb successfully tested a few weeks earlier in the New Mexico desert.  The American military was so confident that the uranium bomb dropped on Hiroshima would work that they felt no need to even try it out first.

The Obama Administration has, with a few deft actions, both damaged Israel’s ability to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and improved Iran’s prospects for launching nuclear missiles at Israel and Europe!

As you can see from this video of the organizers of the militant “March to Jerusalem,” Israel is already being attacked on all sides – literally.  As you read the article below, ask yourself what President Obama is doing to stand by Israel, which he’s claimed to have done more for than any other administration.

Anyone whom Obama stands with should beware of getting a knife in the back.


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Obama's "flexibility" message also heard in the Middle East