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New hard-hitting Obamacare ad: Two Years Later

Posted: March 23, 2012 at 4:50 pm   /   by

What they told us to get Obamacare passed wasn’t true. What do you call it when someone tells you something that wasn’t true? The NRSC is charitable here, and just refers to these as “broken promises.”



Two years of Obamacare. Senate Democrats promised it would lower costs, lower premiums, cover everyone, and protect Medicare. Instead? Twice the cost, higher premiums, 23 million people left out, and $500 billion cut from Medicare.


Here is Speaker Boehner on why . . .

 . . . The Only Way to Truly Fix ObamaCare Is to Fully Repeal It

There’s only one way to truly fix ObamaCare, and that’s by fully repealing it,” says House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) in a new video released today. Boehner notes that Republicans have voted 25 times to fully repeal, defund, or dismantle portions of the president’s unpopular health care law, which is “raising costs and making it harder to hire new workers” – but Senate Democrats keep blocking these actions.  That’s why the House will vote this week to repeal ObamaCare’s rationing board.  Watch Boehner here:

Recent surveys show Speaker Boehner is right when he says “[t]he American people still oppose this government takeover of health care…”  For example:

  • Americans oppose the law overall by 52-41 percent,” according to an ABC News/Washington Post survey, and “67 percent believe the high court should either ditch the law or at least the” individual mandate.
  • [F]ewer than three in 10 (28 percent) said they think the [individual] mandate is constitutional,” says the Washington Post.  “More than four in 10 — 42 percent — want the high court to throw out the entire law…”  Even a plurality of Democrats – 48 percent – wants the Supreme Court to throw out either the individual mandate or the law in its entirety.
  • Half of likely voters expect the Supreme Court to strike down President Obama’s signature healthcare law,” according to a survey by The Hill. Even a majority of independents (52 percent) believe the Supreme Court will strike down the health care law.
  • 56% at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care law,” according to the latest Rasmussen survey, “including 46% who strongly favor” repeal.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin says the health care law is a “political nightmare” for the Democrats running Washington. More than that, the law is a nightmare for families, small businesses, and seniors that is raising costs, making it harder to hire new workers, and threatening to ration care and deny treatments.  As Speaker Boehner said, “there can be no letup until it’s fully repealed.”

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

Managing Editor at Western Free Press
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Christopher Cook

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New hard-hitting Obamacare ad: Two Years Later