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O’Keefe Exposes Voter Fraud-Friendly Policies in Vermont in New Video

Posted: March 14, 2012 at 9:20 am   /   by

O’Keefe’s sequel to his “Primary of the Living Dead” video exposing voter fraud-friendly state policies delivers a timely punch to Obama’s and Holder’s attempt to silence Texas’ Voter ID laws. Project Veritas latest target is Vermont, a state that glories in overzealous campaign finance regulation to target alleged corruption. Maybe they should start with voter fraud?

It looks like the video cannot be embedded as of now, but click on the Breitbart link and watch the video at Breitbart TV.

In the video, the agent repeatedly requests (but does not take) a Republican primary ballot. As he explained to “We wanted to remind viewers this is not a partisan issue. This is a situation wherein anyone — Republican or Democrat — can exploit the system.”

The new video follows in the wake of a highly-politicized media attack on Mr. O’Keefe after his exposure of voter fraud in New Hampshire. Those videos resulted in calls from the left for O’Keefe’s arrest. However, the videos soon resulted in the New Hampshire State Senate passing a new bill requiring voter ID.

O’Keefe’s new video from Vermont could not be more timely, coming the day after the U.S. Department of Justice’s civil rights division blocked a Texas photo ID requirement for voters–to the applause of the American Civil Liberties Union, which claimed that the law was “discriminatory” against “Latinos, African-Americans, elderly citizens, and others.”

As the Project Veritas video shows, the current system in Vermont discriminates against actual legal voters, who must face the prospect of disenfranchisement by those who would vote in their stead illegally, or have their votes cancelled out by those voting illegally in place of deceased voters who have yet to be removed from the rolls. If it is not discriminatory for Vermont citizens to be required to show ID to get married or buy alcohol, it is certainly not discriminatory to make them show ID to vote.

Bam. O’Keefe is hated by the left for exposing government corruption. Lest we forget, these operations are done at the risk of O’Keefe and his team, often coming with threats of violence, arrest and derision. We owe Project Veritas for their fight. I have decided to donate to their cause, a meager amount but a donation nonetheless.

Project Veritas has more information at their site about their latest investigation.

On Vermont Primary Day, Project Veritas sent a team of investigators into polling places throughout the state with a list of both deceased and still-living voters to see if they would be permitted to vote without presenting a photo ID.

Our team tested multiple polling places, simply walking up and stating the name of the registered voter and in all cases — they were offered ballots.

While our investigators cast no votes and returned the ballots, there was nothing stopping our team, or anyone else, from illegally influencing the outcome of a presidential primary.

In fact, as shown in the video, Project Veritas investigators insisted on presenting identification in order to vote, but were told repeatedly, “you don’t need it.”

One investigator was eerily told, “We believe you.”

In contrast, Project Veritas’ team also tested the integrity of other establishments in Vermont: Bars and Hotels.  Our investigators were repeatedly turned away for their failure to present a photo ID.

Also, unlike the traditional media, O’Keefe releases the entire unedited videos as well.

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O'Keefe Exposes Voter Fraud-Friendly Policies in Vermont in New Video